Tunisian traveler Mohamed Chala has been travelling to more than 100 countries in the world. He has accepted to answer a few questions for the blog “Samih around the World”. Find out who he is and what amazing trips he has made across this series of questions specially concocted by Samih.

110 countries visited so far…

Q: Hello! Can you present yourself in a few words?

MC: Mohamed Chala, passionate about travelling and discovering the maximum of hidden places in the world but also taking nice pictures and videos

Q: How many countries and independent territories have you visited?

MC: I have visited about 110 countries including 45 African countries and 6 south pacific ones.

Q: What is the first country you have visited?

MC: that is an unforgettable memory.  I was 9 years old and I travelled with my dad to France by ferry from Tunis to Marseille and then to Paris on a Night train called “mistral”. There were no planes at that time. I still recall this trip as if it was yesterday.

Q: What is the last country you have visited?

MC: Last country was Vanuatu (South Pacific country), and I have been impressed by Tana island where I saw the Yasur volcano, the only one on earth you can reach the crater when it’s in activity. Be careful indeed!

Q: What is your next destination?

MC: Next trip should be Easter Island (Isla de Pasqua dependency of Chile in the Pacific Ocean) to picture the Moaï dressed with Esperance (Tunisian soccer club) polo.  A long and expensive travel, I hope I can do it one day.

Sanaa (Yemen)

Salto Angel was one of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve had

Q: What was the most amazing travel experience you have lived?

MC: I had many amazing experiences, but if I had to pick one I would say “The Salto Angel” which is the highest water fall in Venezuela (and in the world btw). You should have some Indiana Jones blood in your vessels

Q: Can you tell us about the most dangerous travel experience?

MC: I can’t tell unfortunately because that country is supposed to be in brotherhood with mine, god bless it.

Q: If you have to pack only one thing in your luggage, what would it be?

MC: Certainly a camera, with some extra batteries and memory cards

Q: What are the first three things you do when you arrive in a new place?


  1. Leave quickly the suit case in the hotel
  2. Begin to visit the area around
  3. Plan for the best restaurant and book a driver for the next day

Q: What ultimate advice can you tell people that are crazy about travelling?

MC: Dear friends, GO and CLIMB the mountains still you have the knees for that, never stop…

Salto Angel – Venezuela


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